A Message from the Learning Designed Team

Date: March 27th, 2020


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All of us at Learning Designed are sending our best wishes during the ongoing uncertainty that our community is facing. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a complex challenge for everyone, especially those tasked with continuing education through remote and online learning.

In these unprecedented times, education leaders and educators need a way to rapidly support the deployment of remote and online learning to millions of students across the country and beyond. We recognize this complicates many areas:

  1. Families are struggling to process the impacts of the pandemic while supporting their kids learning at home, and facing issues such as access to computers, lack of internet access, bandwidth issues, and time constraints of working from home.
  2. Most educators have not taught and/or are not prepared to teach in remote and online settings.
  3. Many online education systems and district policies only serve a percentage of the overall student population, often leaving out many students and families who may not have adequate access to technology.
  4. Education leaders and educators often attempt to translate face-to-face practices to online settings rather than considering the differences between face-to-face and online settings.
  5. Many industry-based solutions are not prepared to support the basics of accessibility, let alone following best practices from the learning sciences, including providing multiple means of engagement, representation, and action/expression for learners.

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The Learning Designed Team