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To build awareness of Universal Design for Learning and increase statewide collaboration, and integration of UDL within Michigan’s educational systems through:


Who: Educators, districts and educational organizations across Michigan To: Inquire about, explore, consider and connect current initiatives and needs to UDL Through: Designing clear and consistent messaging, building common language/crosswalks between UDL and other initiatives/work, sharing work with other educational groups.


With: Michigan ISDs, Higher Ed, and other educational organizations To: Provide increased opportunities for educators and administrators to engage in high-quality professional learning around UDL Through: Offering regional & state-wide UDL conferences, integrating UDL sessions into existing educational conferences, compiling and sharing professional learning resources for use at the local district level.


Between: Educators, districts and educational organizations across Michigan To: Engage in continued dialogue, reflection and refinement of UDL practices Through: Building platforms and opportunities which allow educators to share current practices, engage in self and peer-to-peer reflections and feedback, and share and refine new ideas; Build connections between local districts in order to participate in site visits & learning labs.