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UDL Core Credential - Level 2

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Demonstrate your understanding of the core foundations of UDL.

The UDL Core Foundation - Level 2 Credential is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of how a learning experience is designed to anticipate variability and reduce barriers using the UDL Guidelines and the UDL Core Foundation Knowledge Statements.


Intentional, Inclusive Design

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Goals are presented so learners can perceive and understand them. Goals are separate from the means where possible. Goals are presented to highlight their relevance. Goals promote expert learning by encouraging challenging ways of thinking and doing.

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There are opportunities for flexible assessment options.

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Methods and Materials

Flexible methods and materials are available for learners.

This is an ideal credential for

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All Educators and Education Administrators

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Education Product Developers

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Instructional Coaches

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  • Review the Core Foundation - Level 2 rubric.
  • Select a scenario to use for your submission.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of UDL and the Core Knowledge Statements by explaining how a scenario anticipated variability and reduced barriers.
  • Upload your submission and receive feedback.



  • Price $60.00
  • Once you have successfully registered, you have six months to complete the UDL Core Foundation - Level 2 credential. You have one opportunity to re-take the credential if you want to use the feedback to improve your understanding.

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