Credentials within Learning Designed capture a person’s achievements and growth from engaging with professional development modules, learning from experts and resources on a particular topic, and/or completing a capacity-building course. The competency-based micro-credentials serve to encourage and propel people to learn, understand, and demonstrate knowledge that is pivotal to their success.

Learning Designed enables people to collaborate with peers who are earning credentials together and provides opportunities for people to explore relevant content. Learning Designed includes a growing list of global learning resources and field-developed micro-credentials aimed at preparing educators to support learner-centered designs. As you develop and engage with the credentials on Learning Designed, you will have formative learning opportunities to support you as you demonstrate mastery. These focused, competency-based credentials signify the understanding of research, theory, and practice - all elements of effective teaching and learning.


Credential Offerings

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Name Description Organization
This badge represents a Global Micro-Credential Experience earned through participating in… Global Education Academy, University of Kansas
The goal for this credential is to demonstrate your ability to apply Universal Design for Learning… CAST
This micro-credential focuses on applying the concepts and background material introduced in the… Global Education Academy, University of Kansas
This micro-credential is an introduction to personalizable education, as presented in the work of… Global Education Academy, University of Kansas
This micro-credential is an introduction to self-determined learning. In this module, participants… Global Education Academy, University of Kansas
Demonstrate your understanding of how a learning experience is designed to anticipate variability… CAST
This entry level credential is the perfect starting point on your UDL journey. People who earn the… CAST