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Downloadable motivational posters depicting the UDL Guidelines, written as "I Can" statements to motivate students.  Accompanying video demonstrates classroom implementation of posters. 


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Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC)

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Elementary (Age 5-10)

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Teaching Resource

UDL Guidelines:

Recruiting Interest
Sustaining Effort & Persistence
Language & Symbols
Physical Action
Expression & Communication
Executive Functions

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April 21, 2018
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BCSC UDL Guideline Posters
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BCSC UDL Guidelines posters present CAST’s UDL Guidelines written in student friendly, “I Can” statements. These printable posters are used to help students transfer and generalize the skills they need to become expert learners. Posters include visual representations that highlight the critical features and heighten relevance of the guideline. Each poster highlights one UDL Guideline, aligned to the corresponding UDL principle and expert learner quality.  Print these posters out, share them with students or put them on classroom walls. They are an excellent tool to help students understand what it takes to become an expert learner.

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LOVE these posters. Love the ideas and the graphics.   BCSC, how did you incorporate these into classroom routines?  Were they enlarged as bulletin board posters posted around the room? Or  were students given these as quick guides?  Can you share strategies for introducing them and using them within the curriculum? 

Thank you, Denise! These were created to support teachers in teaching about the UDL guidelines and support students advocating for themselves. Some teachers put all of the posters in an area and put a large star of the guidelines I Can Statement they were focusing on that week. These were used at the elementary level and kindergarteners were able to state these and began using the language!

School Wide Learning Outcomes displayed with arrows showing the focused SWLO.