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Academic Resources at Chattanooga State Community College, in the past few years, has adopted Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles into their course design process for developing successful and engaging online courses. In their research on accessibility and UDL, they have collaborated campuswide as well as with other colleges and universities across their state.

This paper summarizes the Course Design for Student Success in Higher Education session that  wasoffered at UDL-IRN 2018. It will provide Learning Management System (LMS) tools, software, and pedagogy currently used in their course design process that promotes UDL and how their process is tied to the UDL principles. They will also provide recent course examples. This will include recent examples of STEM, Nursing, General Education, and Tennessee Center of Advanced Technology courses. In addition, it will provide resources solutions to common problems that occur during course design/re-design, including common LMS tips and tricks.

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Toney Phifer, Adrian Ricketts


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December 19, 2018
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