Resource Picture: Culturally Responsive Teaching: The UDL Connection

Culturally Responsive Teaching: The UDL Connection

This provocative UDL Talk by Joni Degnar of BCSC, explores the benefits of designing culturally responsive classrooms using the UDL framework.



This provocative UDL Talk presented at the 2017 UDL-IRN Summit, explores the connection between Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design for Learning. Joni Degnar, UDL Facilitator at Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation and CAST Cadre Member, describes the merits of designing culturally responsive classrooms. She outlines common barriers to designing culturally sensitive curriculum and challenges educators to examine their own cultural biases in relation to classroom culture and student success. She provides many practical strategies for assessing and overcoming cultural barriers. This resource also includes a detailed conference proceeding that describes her work with teachers, UDL and Cultural Responsiveness.  

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Joni Degnar


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September 16, 2018
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Culturally Responsive Teaching and the UDL Connection: UDL-IRN Summit 2017 Proceedings
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This proceeding provides additional strategies and resources to help educators design instruction and classroom practices that encourage Cultrually Responsive Teaching through the UDL framework.

Proceeding Abstract: As our schools become increasingly culturally diverse, it is critical for us to design learning environments that not only honor learner variability but also cultural variability. All students must feel a deep and authentic connection to education and the learning environments in which they invest their time and efforts. We know that we can design flexible and accessible learning environments through the UDL framework, but how can we take our UDL implementation to the next level and create culturally accessible learning environments through the UDL framework as well.

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