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This resource shares findings from a study that explored the potential of a UDL Video Club to help teachers deepen their UDL practice. The UDL Video Club included two researchers and two fifth-grade teachers who met regularly to analyze footage from the teachers' classrooms. Throughout their eight months of collaboration, the teachers developed an understanding of UDL as they analyzed instructional methods and student thinking through a UDL lens. In this resource, the researchers and teachers involved in this study share findings that reveal how the UDL Video Club helped the teachers more readily anticipate barriers to learning and leverage UDL to reduce those barriers in order to refocus on the critical importance of attending to their students thinking, and to share ideas and develop cross-disciplinary collaboration. The researchers and teachers also explore the features of the club that proved especially useful in supporting teacher learning.

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Jenna W. Gravel, Allison Posey, Emily Ortiz, Christina Rosenthal


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Design of Learning Environment for All


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March 27, 2019
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Deepening UDL Practice Through A "UDL Video Club"
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