Historically, schools have approached student learning with a one-size-fits-all mentality and have struggled to adapt to changing student needs. That ends now. In order to help you change the way your students learn, this course will expand your knowledge related to learning differences, provide actionable strategies to impact the learning experience of your students, and cultivate a growth mindset related to learning differences. Educators who complete the course are eligible for a certificate of completion for 25 hours of CEU credit.

To leave participating educators with an understanding of what learning differences are and how they affect all students.
To foster a growth mindset or problem solving approach among educators as they work with students.
To provide educators with job-embedded strategies that will help them as they meet the diverse needs of all students.
To connect educators with other like-minded educators to support the expansion of their own personalized learning network.

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The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

College of Education at North Carolina State University

Grade/Age Level:

Early Childhood
Elementary (Age 5-10)
Middle (Age 11-14)
High ( Age14-18 )
Adult Learning

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Professional Development

UDL Guidelines:

Recruiting Interest
Sustaining Effort & Persistence
Executive Functions

Problem Area:

Behavioral Issues
Design of Learning Environment for All
Goal Attainment
Lessons & Lesson Design
Professional Development

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Teaching Practices:

High-Leverage Practices
Planning for Learner Variability
Understanding & Overcoming Barriers
Goal Setting
Flexible Materials
Flexible Methods
Progress Monitoring & Data Collection

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September 26, 2018
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