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ThinkUDL is a podcast developed and created by College STAR (Supporting Transition Access & Retention). The purpose of the podcast is to expose listenters to educational practitioners that are implementing UDL at all levels from novice to expert. ThinkUDL is hosted by Lillian Nave who is currently teaching at Appalachian State University. In hosting ThinkUDL, Lillian seeks to discover not just WHAT the guests she interviews are teaching, learning, guiding, and facilitating, but HOW they design and implement it, and WHY it even matters! Topics that have been discused on the show thus far include:

  • Why Learn?
  • How UDL Values Learners
  • Making UDL Work For Everyone

Listeners will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how UDL strategies are implemented on college campuses across the nation

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Lillian Nave

College STAR

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Adult Learning

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Design of Learning Environment for All
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Professional Development

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Planning for Learner Variability
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March 26, 2019
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