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Resource Picture: Two Approaches to UDL Curriculum Design

Two Approaches to UDL Curriculum Design

This conference proceeding addresses the challenge of designing curriculum that meets the needs of all students including those with severe disabilities.



The purpose of this paper is to (a) extend the "disabled curriculum" (in contrast to "disabled student") conversation to incorporate curricula that do not adequately consider and incorporate methods, materials, and responses for individuals with the most significant learning needs; and to (b) offer practical strategies for developing curricula that do. Utilizing two approaches, suggestions will be provided to ensure the needs of learners with severe disabilities are included during the curriculum design and development process. This paper is specifically useful for those educators who design and develop their own unit plans whether individually or as a group.

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K. Alisa Lowrey, Ph.d.

Problem Area:

Design of Learning Environment for All

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Teaching Practices:

Planning for Learner Variability

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October 10, 2018
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