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A “Learning Walk” is a brief, structured school or classroom visit that provides administrators, principals and teachers opportunities to reflect on teaching techniques, learning practices, and student engagement. A "UDL Learning Walk" allows participants to see UDL in action. It helps bridge the gap between theory and practice, engaging teachers, school administrators and district leaders in active learning about UDL.


To define the power and purpose of UDL Learning Walks
To identify strategies for planning and structuring a UDL Learning Walk
To describe a sample UDL Learning Walk schedule
To view sample tools used as part of a UDL Learning Walk
To campare early and later stage "UDL Look Fors"
To effectively organize a post UDL Learning Walk debrief

HIAT, Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools

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Progress Monitoring & Data Collection

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June 1, 2018
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UDL Learning Walks
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