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UDL Approach to High School Internships

This is an interactive learning module focused on helping businesses and schools prepare successful high school internship experiences, using a UDL-based approach. 

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This Internship Micro-credential is designed to help your internship experience go smoothly by reducing potential barriers before your new intern even shows up for work. 

In this course, you’ll learn about the teenage brain and how to make sure all students can access your internship opportunities.  By the end, you’ll feel more prepared to take on an intern. As an added benefit, earning this credential signals to the high schools in your community that you’ve done your homework and can be trusted to help teach their students.

A big part of making an internship successful for both you and the intern is understanding what information interns need to get started. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this course.   

Internship Interactive Learning Module

Amanda Bastoni



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April 6, 2022

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