UDL Associate - Level 1 Credential Rubric


Your submitted evidence will be assessed based on the following rubric. You must earn a proficient rating in 80% of the component areas to earn this credential. You may refine and resubmit your evidence, as permitted, to receive additional feedback.

Component Not Yet Developing Proficient
A1.1: Demonstrates an understanding that average learners do not exist.

Submission does not address this component.


Submission addresses this component inaccurately.


Submission partially addresses this component by providing the main idea/ basic definition including some of the concepts or key words, but does not explain what it means to you.

Submission demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of this component by providing the main idea/basic definition, including identified key words, and expanding that definition by explaining what it means to you.

A1.2: Demonstrates an understanding that learner variability exists within all learners.
A2.1: Demonstrates an understanding that becoming an expert learner is the goal for all learners.
A2.2: Demonstrates an understanding of the characteristics of expert learners.
A3.1: Demonstrates an understanding that UDL addresses barriers to learning existing within the learning experience (e.g., classroom, online format, curriculum, etc.).
A4.1: Demonstrates an understanding that UDL is a research-based framework.
A5.1: Demonstrates an understanding that when designing learning environments, UDL requires you to be both intentional and proactive.
A5.2: Demonstrates an understanding that UDL is an iterative design process.
A5.3: Describes designing flexible learning environments for all learners (e.g., curriculum, learning spaces, etc.).
A5.4: Demonstrate an understanding that UDL maintains high expectations for all learners.

Helpful Hints:

1. You may find it helpful to note the component number (i.e., A1.1, A1.2) immediately following the place in your submission where you think you’ve addressed that component.

2. Keep in mind, ideas/statements may address more than one component.

3. You may find it helpful to use the underlined key words found in each component. While you still need to explain the concepts in your submission, use of these specific words helps demonstrate your knowledge of key UDL language.