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Resource Picture: Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Teaching

Culturally Responsive Anti-Bias Teaching

How are you harnessing and developing your cultural proficiency to empower all learners? How are you intentionally designing learning activities and spaces to be inclusive of your students?



This course leads you through experiences that ask you to reflect on your identity and beliefs as an educator. Throughout this course, you may encounter difficult topics to grapple with. You will also be asked to participate in activities and reflections that may push you beyond your current comfort zone. Lean in to the vulnerability and the risk-taking. Ask yourself why you are taking this course. Do you have students in your class(es) from historically underserved communities? Are you an instructional leader who wants to support educators in designing dynamic learning for all students?

Participants will explore the characteristics and made personal connections to components of culturally responsive teaching.
Participants will identify key their cultural lenses and have learned about implicit biases.
Participants will explore privileges they have based on their race and gender.
Participants will document how they can build a strong classroom culture with an asset-based mindset.

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Abigale Almerido

Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)

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November 10, 2020
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