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Mindprint’s online platform identifies how students naturally learn best and provides recommendations for teachers to more easily deliver instruction in the format that is best for each student

In a single program, Mindprint:

  • Offers the leading assessment for insights into how a student learns and provides guidance to most efficiently support learning by subject
  • Enables teachers to make instructional decisions that will be best for their diverse learners
  • Empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning success
At the core of Mindprint is a best-in-class measure of non-academic skills (i.e. cognitive skills), developed in a joint collaboration of University of Pennsylvania’s Brain Behavior Lab and the National Institute of Mental Health. This self-administered, online assessment requires approximately one hour per student with no proctor pre-qualifications. Students are scored on 10 skills across 4 learning domains: complex reasoning, executive functions, memory and processing. A learner profile summarizes each student’s learning strengths and needs. Personalized learning plans provide strategies to support learning for each academic subject, study skills and social-emotional learning.

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