Resource Picture: Growth Mindset:  The Early Grades

Growth Mindset: The Early Grades

Early elementary educators who want to introduce the concept of Growth Mindset to their students will find this diverse collection of resources helpful.



Early elementary educators introducing and teaching the concept of Growth Mindset will find a wealth of resources in this diverse collection.  The collection includes:

  1. 4 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset in the Classroom: An introductory article that describes how to incorporate Growth Mindset into the classroom.
  2. Growth Mindset Kids Video: A brief video of students talking about what Growth Mindset means to them and how they use their new skills to become better learners.
  3. Don't Give Up: Sesame Street and Bruno Mars video: Sesame Street characters joined by a special guest guest, encourge children to practice perserverence.
  4. The Dot. The Dot by Peter Reynolds is a gorgeous picture book that encourages children to take risks even when they fear failure.  A video reading.  
  5. My Favorite Growth Mindset Picture Books: A blog post from a 3rd Grade teacher sharing her favorite read aloud books with Growth Mindset themes.
  6. ClassDojo Growth Mindset Resources: A five-episode video series and accompanying activities that encourage students to learn and embrace a Growth Mindset.
  7. Growth Mindset "What I Can Say to Myself" Chart: This teacher-created chart cues students to think and speak affirmatively when facing learning struggles. Printable, or recreate your own.

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September 16, 2018
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