Resource Picture: Providing and Communicating Clear Learning Goals

Providing and Communicating Clear Learning Goals

Chapter 1 of The New Art and Science of Teaching, by Robert J. Marzano, focuses on the setting of goals that are clearly defined and communicated.



Chapter 1 from The New Art and Science of Teaching  by Robert J. Marzano, walks educators through the steps of appropriate goal setting and how it leads to feedback. This involves designing rubrics, progress monitoring, and celebrating successes.  ASCD online presents the entire chapter along with a purchase option for the entire book.  

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Robert Marzano

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Elementary (Age 5-10)
Middle (Age 11-14)
High ( Age14-18 )

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Teaching Resource

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Recruiting Interest
Executive Functions

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Goal Attainment

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Goal Setting

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October 29, 2018
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