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This premier resource, authored by the professionals at Learning Designed, prepares anyone who is pursuing the UDL Associate Credential - Level 1. Learn more about why UDL is so important to designing modern learning environments that address the needs of all learners. 

Learn why UDL is so important
Prepare for the UDL Associate Credential - Level 1 evaluation

Bryan Dean
Matt Marino

Learning Designed

Grade/Age Level:

Adult Learning

Category Quick Find:

Professional Development

Problem Area:

Design of Learning Environment for All
Goal Attainment
Professional Development

Resource File Type:

Interactive module

Teaching Practices:

Planning for Learner Variability
Understanding & Overcoming Barriers
Goal Setting
Flexible Materials
Flexible Methods

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Posted date:

April 23, 2018
Associate Level 1 - Mini-course Start Interactive Content
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Is there a place to identify what the expectations are and about how much time I need to set aside to earn this credential? Trying to decide when to begin. Thanks!

Good Q Ruby, I am wondering the same. Does it really take a year to earn the credential, especially if you have a firm knowledge base of UDL?