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UDL - How to Make Universally Designed Experiences!

This is a presentation and corresponding materials that support educators to design Universally Designed Experiences. The design utlizes CAST's backwards design protocol focused on Goals, Assessments, Materials, & Methods. Feel free to use the resources and presentation to help your teams better understand UDL lesson planning.



Use this presentation as a tool to aide people in creating universally designed experiences. It goes through the foundations UDL is built upon: student variability, context, clear goals with loose means, and removing instructional barriers. There is a corresponding youtube video that shows an older verison of this presentation. This would be a helpful tool for districts without a UDL facilitator or easy access to training who are looking for ways to get started in their design right away. 

Participants will create universally designed experiences.

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Zach Smith

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Elementary (Age 5-10)
Middle (Age 11-14)
High ( Age14-18 )
Adult Learning

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Teaching Resource
Professional Development

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Recruiting Interest
Sustaining Effort & Persistence
Language & Symbols
Physical Action
Expression & Communication
Executive Functions

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Lessons & Lesson Design

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Language Arts
Social Studies

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Implications for Teaching & Practice

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Flexible Materials
Flexible Methods

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December 17, 2018
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UDL Lesson Planning Template
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This document aides teams who need some structure as they design lessons together. 

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