A PLC dedicated to UDL is an effective way to support the first year of UDL implementation across schools or departments.  The first year of implementation is a critical time to explore the UDL principles and guidelines at a deeper level through ongoing discourse.  This series of modules developed and used successfully by the HIAT Team of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), provides a structure for the development of a UDL-PLC.  It assumes that foundational professional learning on the UDL framework has already occurred.  


• To explore UDL at a deeper level.
• To support the PLCs in becoming a leadership group within a school or department working toward culture change as part of school or district-wide UDL implementation.
• To connect groups of educators within or across schools into Professional Learning Communities (PLC) through shared reflection, learning tasks, and online discussion.

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Adapted from HIAT, Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools

Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools

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February 20, 2017
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UDL-PLC Series: Developing a UDL professional learning community
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