Four overlapping icons representing the four UDL-SICC domains: School Culture and Environment, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management, and Professional Learning.

UDL-SICC Self-Assessment

The Universal Design for Learning School Implementation and Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC) self-assessment is a tool that allows you to reflect on where your school is in terms of UDL implementation.

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The self-assessment is designed to help school teams map their school’s current UDL practices to determine where they are and what next steps they can take on their UDL journey. Leadership teams use school data to identify areas of strength and growth related to schoolwide UDL practices and to identify potential entry points for improving UDL implementation. School teams can use the outcomes of this self-assessment to:  

  • determine an area of focus;
  • set an improvement goal;
  • identify ongoing data that can be used to substantiate progress toward the goal;
  • develop an action plan; 
  • determine a timeline for revisiting and revising the plan and goal; and
  • determine readiness for UDL School Certification

Click here to view the UDL School Implementation & Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC)


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July 19, 2021

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